Quick start

Welcome! We're excited to have you using Processd, and this quick start guide should have you up and running in no time! Processd is the easiest way for you to manage all types of processes, and this guide is aimed at quickly teaching you the basics so you can get going.

Your team, the work they do, and the metrics around that work are organized clearly within a Company in Processd. Companies have any number of users and processes. A company will have one owner, which is the primary user who creates the first account. Other users can be either an Admin or a regular user.

A process template can be viewed as your playbook - You can run it as many times as you'd like, and assign to as many people as you'd like. Each time you run it (or we automatically run it for you!) a process instance will be created - This is what your colleagues will actually be executing and checking off tasks on.

Enough chatter though - Create your Processd account and get started with the steps below. It's free for 14 days!

Three steps to get started

Now that you know the building blocks of Processd, let’s start working with them.

1. Add your first process template

Add your first template by clicking the green + button in the top bar. You can make templates for processes you perform every day, every week, every time a payment fails, or just to store information. You can also make processes to assign to other members of your team.

Add template screen

In the next article, we’ll dig deeper into creating templates. For now, just create a simple daily checklist for yourself.

2. Assign a process template

Now that we have a template created, let's run it once manually.

Running a template is simple:

  • Use Quick Add: Just hit the bright green + button in the top bar, and select Assign/Schedule Process. From here, choose the template you just created. There will be several fields for you to choose from, such as due date/time and who this process will be assigned to. You can also name this process instance or set it up as a recurring assignment. For now, simply verify that your name is set in the Assigned To field, and click Run Process.

Quick add screen

The true power of Processd will come from automating process assignments. You can trigger processes off of any number of real world events using our Zapier integration, or simply set them to recur daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/etc. right from within the app!

Once you've manually assigned this process to yourself, you'll be taken immediately to the execute screen. From here, you can click through your newly created process instance steps, or mark each step complete by clicking the checkbox to the left of each step!

Each step within a process instance can be assigned to a different user. We will automatically handle notifying each user at the right times, so you can work on more important things!

3. Work together with your team

When processes are being completed within Processd, everybody knows who’s doing what and when, so you have clarity and accountability around work. Now that you’ve explored creating and executing processes on your own, you can invite a trusted teammate to try Processd with you. Here is one way you can start collaborating and completing processes with a new team member:

  • Invite Team Members — Start by clicking the green + button in the top bar. Then, click Add Team Member within the dropdown. This will take you to a screen containing lots of great information regarding your organization, but most importantly right now it will also have everything you need to invite new team members!

    Simply type a team members full name into the Name field, and type their email into the Email field. Click Send Invitation and your team member will immediately receive an email containing everything they need to join your company within Processd!

Learn more

Congrats! You’ve now taken your first step in learning how to use Processd. There are lots of other resources to help you and your team along the way.

  • Try out some different ways to use Processd—Processd is meant for all kinds of teams to help execute processes and help with knowledge management. Get creative with our Slack and Zapier integrations, or simply start documenting your processes so you can begin improving them and ensure they're never lost!
  • Ask questions—If you want to learn more about Processd features, or have questions about specific features, click the support button in the bottom right of the app - We're always online :).